Teens Involved In Fatal Crash; Collinsville Road Shut Down


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FAIRMONT CITY, IL (KPLR) – A high speed car chase has left an eighteen year old Caseyville woman dead and a convicted felon on the run in Fairmont City, Illinois.  Police say the entire incident stemmed from an argument over a bag of marijuana.

It began early Monday morning.  Police will only call it a “dispute over marijuana,” but the dead girl’s mother says there was a robbery.

“It was they kicked in the door and robbed them of their money and stole some pot I guess,” Lisa Ferraire-Darron said in an interview near the crash scene Monday.

Where police and Ferrarie-Darron agree is on what happened next.  The group that included her daughter, Mercedes Ferrarie-Troisi piled into a Buick and began chasing the other group involved in the fight.  They eventually reached the parking lot of the Rural King store in Collinsville, where there was another…

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