Inaccuracy in Reporting

Did That Just Happen?

Mistakes in reporting have been around for ages.  From this months reporting around the Boston Marathon bombings, to the mistaken 2011 press reports that Arizona Representative, Gabrielle Gifford, had died of gunshot wounds suffered at a campaign rally. To the 1981 assignation attempt on former President Regan by John Hinkley that falsely reported an aid to the president James Brady had died of a gun shot wound, back to the 1948 Chicago Tribune reporting that Thomas E. Dewey as the winner of the presidential race when actually Harry Truman had won.  These are just a few of the erroneous reports through the ages.  Advances in today’s technology have made it easier for readers to access our news from anywhere at anytime.  Today readers want their news immediately, which causes a problem in accurate reporting.  A great example is of CNN,NPR, Fox News and other well-known organizations that have gotten information wrong reported and “tweeted” about it.

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