Camp Patriot: A place of rest, laughter and healing

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KINGSVILLE, Mo. – For some veterans, it has been said that the battle never ends.  Some soldiers suffer from disorders for the rest of their civilian lives, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

But there’s a new camp in Kingville that offers veterans a place to rest.  What sounds like noise to some, echoes as a welcoming call to others.

Retired Marine Major John Schwent understands the pain.  During his 22 years of service, he saw fellow military members leave home for service and come home with problems.

Now, he’s driving veterans toward Camp Patriot — 50 acres worth of hunting grounds near Kingsvile.  The former hospital chief executive officer wants to use time in the great outdoors as a time of healing for wounded warriors.

“They’re refreshed. They’re motivated,” Schwent noted.  “They have a smile on their face. Hopefully, they can take that back home and share that…

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