Black Mountain becomes ‘blacker’.

Following the News..

April 12 2013 – Sydney Morning Herald inserts a little fear into its Canberrian readers with this story – ‘A little bit blacker mountain’.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet – just like The Sydney Morning Herald did with this story.

The headline itself invites fear.. Without even reading the story I felt this slight sense of worry, asking myself questions like … What could this mean? What are they referring to?  So, it does its job… It invites the reader to want to know more.

But it does not give more. The story itself is bland. Dull. It simply invites us in with fear and anxiety  and leaves us hanging with simply an environmental and health warning that ‘a controlled burn at National Botanic Gardens’ could cause problems for those around Black Mountain.

I personally, don’t believe that this is even worthy of being posted in the National…

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