Xbox Next Gen rumor roundup

Your Weekly Randomness

Recently Microsoft sent out their incredibly colorful and lively digital invites to the release of the next Gen Xbox. Ok so in true Microsoft fashion they aren’t colorful…or lively…but they are accurate – the third installment of Microsoft’s category competitor is coming May 21st, and you can watch the reveal live on your own Xbox 360 or Spike TV.

With the recent release of the Wii U and the reveal of the PS4, Microsoft has the advantage of seeing their opponent’s hands. The question is, will they rush to capitalize, or rely on their hard-core gamer fans to just blindly purchase what they will them to?

I vote the former, they will need to take the onus to improve on things they found the PS4 did wrong on reveal day.

What should we expect from the Next-Box though? A touchpad controller? 2-D hologram imaging? Well, obviously for…

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