Whatsapp dedicated button built into Nokia Asha phone


Nokia has released a mobile phone with a dedicated WhatsApp physical button.

The feature triggers the cross-platform messaging app which offers a free alternative to SMS texts.

HTC and Nokia have previously released handsets with Facebook-devoted buttons, but this marks a first for WhatsApp.

Analysts suggested the move would make WhatsApp the text app of choice on the handsets, but suggested it would have limited impact on the wider mobile phone market.

Nokia’s Asha 210 runs on the firm’s proprietarySeries 40 operating system and will be targeted at consumers in emerging markets looking for a cheaper alternative to the Finnish firm’s Windows Phone range and other companies’ smartphones. The OS supports third-party web apps and software written in the Java programming language.

To achieve a targeted retail price of £47 ($72) Nokia decided that the device’s 2.4in (6.1cm) screen would not be touch-enabled.

Users have to use its built-in…

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