Sean Penn Hosts Beverly Hills Benefit for Haiti

Repeating Islands

sean-penn-armani_i_1_sean-penn-vanity-fair-haitiSean Penn hosted a benefit for Haiti in Beverly Hills with a private dinner and a silent auction of Jim Goldberg photos featuring Penn in Haiti. The event, co-hosted by Penn, Roberta Armani, and Vanity Fair, was toasting the collaboration between Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization and Armani’s “Acqua for Life” project. In his speech, Penn spoke about was spurred him on to dedicate himself to help Haiti. Here are excerpts of the Vanity Fair article:

Explaining the night’s raison d’être to his guests—such as Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Emma Roberts, Vanessa Getty, Amber Heard, and Fergie—Penn remembered the moment, in 2010, when he was inspired to help “our neighbors” in Haiti. It stemmed from a skateboarding accident that his son, Hopper, had been involved in that required emergency brain surgery. And it occurred after his divorce from Robin Wright. “I found myself, first of all, single for the first…

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