Samsung works on mind-control tablet


Samsung is experimenting with a mind-controlled tablet that it hopes will shake up the way people interact with devices.

Samsung trial mind-controlled tablet

The South Korean firm, along with US researchers, has demonstrated how people can launch an application and make selections on a Galaxy tablet by concentrating on a blinking icon.

Users need to wear a cap studded with EEG-monitoring electrodes.

Such a device would be invaluable to people with mobility issues.

Playing music

Samsung’s lead researcher Insoo Kim told news website MIT Technology Review that thought control was a natural transition for interacting with devices.

“Several years ago, a small keypad was the only input modality to control the phone, but nowadays the user can use voice, touch, gesture and eye movement to control and interact with mobile devices.

“Adding more input modalities will provide us with more convenient and richer ways of interacting with mobile devices.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone already…

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