Rohyingya. Myanmar’s internally displaced. Photo essay by Phil Behan

JCP Photography Blog

please note this is not written by Jay Clapp all credits given and linked 🙂

April 28, 2013 /Photography News/ The endless persecution of Muslim Rohingya continues in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and now they face further hardship as the monsoon season approaches the South East Asian country.
Community members in the remote river village of Inbargyi in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Locals say the village was attacked by a large group of people in October and several thousand people fled during the violence. The local Mosque was also burned to the ground. Copyright: P.Behan / UNHCR
Life in such an environment is not easy at this time of year, but when also faced with the constant threat of attack, torture and life in a sprawling dusty refugee camp, it suddenly becomes intolerable. Unfortunately for over 100, 000 Muslim Rohingya this is a daily reality as thousands have been displaced…

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