MHRPG – “Saudade” feelings

Marvel Plot Points

Saudade is one of those unique words each language have. In that case, it’s a portuguese word that represents a mix of feelings like missing, longing, grief and mourning. Saudade is usually triggered when you lose something/someone that you like or care for or when you get a glimpse of the past and the good old memories.

The funny  thing (well not haha funny) about saudade is that it is not necessarily a bad felling, it is good to feel it, and relive the good memories and moments in a good kind of melancholy. Also, sometimes, you just realize how much you like the thing that causes saudade to you when it is actually gone.

That kind of happened to us when the news that MWP was pulling the plug on Marvel Heroic RPG. But, as we all know, a RPG is never dead if we keep playing it. So that is what we did, and…

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