India’s Record Of Rape: How To Navigate The Streets Safely

Jetset Times



Every eighteen hours, a woman is raped in New Delhi. And, in the past thirty years, the number of rapes has doubled. Around thirty thousand rape cases are reported in India each year, with nearly a thousand estimated rapes not accounted for.

In the past decade, the situation has escalated to the point of public protest around the world. The rape and murder of Scarlett Keeling on February 18, 2008 sparked the kindling of a reactionary fire that was fueled further by the public gang rape of a twenty-three-year-old intern on December 16, 2012. Several protest groups have formed, including the Red Brigade. They vow to empower women and fight the rampant violence against women, especially in India.

indiaBut protest groups and advocacy communities fight a seemingly losing battle against the rampant trend of attacks that plague the southeastern nation-state. Recently, a five-year-old girl was…

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