Don’t Panic: Meteor Over Russia Injures Hundreds, Is NOT Part Of The Asteroid Passing Today

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A meteor has “exploded” over the Ural Mountains in the remote region of Chelyabinsk, Russia. Around 400 people are reportedly injured by glass blown out by the shock wave. Interior ministry spokesman Vadim Kolesnikov says a 6,500 square foot roof at a zinc factory has also collapsed.

As seen in the videos below, the fireball was incredibly loud. We’re not yet sure if the meteor actually exploded (a “bolide” or “asteroid airburst”) or if the loud noise is a sonic boom. You’ll also see several news agencies rushing to fearmonger about the asteroid 2012 DA14 that is passing close-by today. So let’s be responsible and make something perfectly clear: This is very unlikely to be related to asteroid 2012 DA14. Don’t panic. (And remember to bring a towel.)

This occurred about 16 hours before DA14 passes. At 8 kilometers per second that’s nearly half a million kilometers away from DA14…

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