Convocation: Elected Paralegals Should be Benchers

Paralegal Scope Magazine

Convocation has approved a legislative change recommendation that would see all elected paralegals become benchers.

The Priority Planning Committee of the Law Society of Upper Canada made the recommendation April 25.

The committee reviews priorities established by Convocation. Its report to Convocation notes that “good governance for the Law Society is supported by having all elected paralegals be decision-makers in Convocation to ensure the effective exercise of the mandate to govern lawyers and paralegals in the public interest.”

Currently, five paralegals are elected to the Paralegal Standing Committee, which then elects two paralegals as benchers. An amendment to the Law Society Act is required to implement the change.

The Paralegal Standing Committee elected Michelle Haigh as the first elected Paralegal Bencher. She commented: “This was an initiative near and dear to my heart. After serving my first term on the PSC as a non-bencher and my second term as a…

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