Bangladesh Savar Tragedy | DEATH TOLL 1127

28 April 2013 Last updated at 00:12 ET

Dhaka building collapse: Rescuers remain hopeful

A rescue worker walks on top of the remains of the Rana Plaza in Savar, Bangladesh (27 April 2013)There is no official figure on the number of people still missing

Rescue teams remain hopeful of finding survivors trapped underneath a factory complex that collapsed on Wednesday in Bangladesh, killing some 350 people.

So far on Sunday, one more person has been pulled from the rubble, with efforts now focusing on another six.

Emergency services are now deciding how long to pursue efforts to find survivors.

Twenty-nine were rescued on Saturday and two engineers were arrested, but the building’s owner is still missing.

The engineers were alleged to have approved the building’s safety a day before it came down were arrested.

Police said they had ordered an evacuation of the building on Tuesday after cracks appeared in the structure on…

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