An interview with Denis Healey

Brighton Lite

By Lucette DaviesStand Up For Labour Eastbourne

I felt very much in awe as I approached the door of Denis Healey’s home in Alfriston.  was I really going to be spending the next hour with the best Prime Minister that Britain never had? I knocked on the door and smiled as I heard him singing loudly: “I am on my way, I am coming”

Denis Healey was born on 30 August 1917 in Mottingham, Kent but moved to Yorkshire when he was five.  He went to Bradford Grammer School and by 1936 had started at Balliol College, Oxford.  At this time Denis Healey did not have any ambition to move into politics for a career although joined the Communist Party and the Labour Party; at this time it was possible to do both.

After leaving Oxford, Denis Healey fought in the Second World War with the Royal Engineers, reaching the rank of Major before…

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