South Korea Responds After North Snubs Talks

By Jethro Mullen and K.J. Kwon, CNN

SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) — South Korea started withdrawing its last remaining citizens Saturday from the manufacturing zone jointly operated with North Korea following weeks of tensions between the two.

Pyongyang this week shunned an offer by Seoul to hold talks over the Kaesong Industrial Complex after it halted activity there this month. The complex in North Korea was one of the few symbols of inter-Korean cooperation.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry announced that 126 workers and 63 trucks departed Kaesong, which lies just north of the Demilitarized Zone, the heavily fortified border that separates North and South Korea.

In the past two months, tensions on the Korean Peninsula have been rich in saber-rattling and short on concrete actions.

But the Kaesong complex, which houses the operations of more than 120 South Korean companies, appears to have become a significant victim.

Growing suffering


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